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    Biotech has the potential to change the future of humanity.

    Biotechnology utilizes the life processes of biological systems for various uses and industries. This crucial emerging field has more possibilities to change the future of humanity than ever before in the age of big data.

    Having been named Israel’s Biotechnology Law Firm of the Year by Corporate International Global Award and M&A Today, our Biotech department builds IP portfolios based on a carefully planned strategy for our clients. In addition to the prosecution of patents worldwide, patent enforcement & litigation, monetization & transactions of biotechnology, regulatory matters, our specialized professionals can assist you with every aspect of biotechnology protection.

    Should you have questions about our biological services, you are invited to contact us.

    Adding Value

    The members of our team are Ph.D.-trained experts in a variety of biology disciplines. Every aspect of IP is handled in the department, including cell biology, bioinformatics, immunology, biochemistry, nanotechnology, agro-technology, nutrition, and more.

    Within the Group, clients have access to more than 150 patent attorneys, lawyers, technicians, chemists, biologists, and other scientists, many with Ph.D.’s in science and technology-related fields. We can provide top-tier services because our team of multidisciplinary professionals caters to the specific needs of our clients and their businesses.

    Here for You

    Clients from various industries worldwide, from multinational companies to start-ups and research institutes, private and public, trust the Ehrlich Group with their projects. This roster comprises

    universities and medical and research institutions in Israel and globally, security entities, companies in the high-tech, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sectors, start-ups, technological incubators, and private individuals. Many of our clients are Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize laureates.

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