The Right Move on the Chessboard of Intellectual Property

When unique ideas, products or services are at the heart of your business, it is of equal importance to defend them with the same rigor with which you secured rights to those IP assets upon their inception. Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M) is the partner you need to protect and defend what is rightfully yours.

Whether a third party files an opposition to the grant of your IP rights or you find yourself on either end of an infringement dispute involving a patent, trademark, design or copyright, seeking counsel from a trusted litigation team is vital to resolving these challenges quickly and effectively. To provide the most thorough representation in order to mitigate any threat or concern, we often tap into the unique synergy that exists within the Ehrlich Group, through which we are able to gain invaluable insight from Israel’s top patent attorneys.

Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M), the boutique intellectual property law firm, understands the severity of what is at stake and has the necessary tools and knowledge of Israel copyright law and patent law, as well as IP law in other relevant jurisdictions, to get you the best result possible.  With comprehensive litigation experience in Israel and abroad, we provide thorough and reassuring guidance to meet every need and challenge when defending our clients’ intellectual property.