Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M), founded in 2017 by Advs. Amit Ehrlich, Yehuda Neubauer and Roy Melzer, is a boutique law firm created to meet the legal needs of the clients of the Ehrlich Group  in the field of intellectual property. As part of the Ehrlich Group, the law firm is able to offer comprehensive representation and close guidance to clients through the unique collaboration that we have developed among our team of skilled litigators at Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M) with the patent attorneys at Ehrlich & Fenster (E&F), the leading international patent firm in Israel, and the industry experts at IPTrade, who focus on the monetization of intellectual property on the international stage.

Leading the firm is Adv. Yehuda Neubauer, a seasoned intellectual property litigator with a wealth of domestic and cross-border IP litigation experience. Prior to founding Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M), Yehuda worked at one of the premier IP litigation firms in Israel for nearly fifteen years. He offers unique and in-depth insight on international matters, gained from his time spent in New York where he studied at Columbia University and serviced as counsel at an IP boutique law firm.

The breadth of IP and industry expertise of the Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M) team make the firm a first port of call for multinational and Israeli clients seeking counsel related to IP litigation, representing some in the protection of intellectual property that was wrongfully infringed upon, and others who were accused of IP infringement. Our experience in representing all parties to IP litigation adds to the quality of counsel we provide, increasing our ability to better navigate through industry complexities. Infringement, accusations of infringement or a dispute with a competitor or third party can have serious implications if not handled properly.

Commercial and financial threats to a business demand highly skilled IP litigators who take a comprehensive assessment of intellectual property assets at their inception, and are thus equipped to provide the most thorough legal guidance. Our litigators, with proven track records across a broad range of IP matters, follow this approach as they assist clients in the use, protection and commercialization of IP in the best and safest way possible. Whether you face an opposition or infringement of your patent, trademark or design, or you face a breach of a commercial agreement, or an impending lawsuit, Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M) is the well-rounded team that will stand by your side to protect and defend what is rightfully yours.

Clients trust our team to manage their litigation in Israel and to provide support to their matters abroad, in addition to relying on our cutting-edge counsel related to IP strategy development and the procurement of IP rights. The multi-disciplinary experience that we offer as part of the Ehrlich Group is unparalleled, providing comfort and security to our clients. No matter where in the world you face legal challenges, we will formulate the most effective litigation strategy to protect your ideas and secure you the best result.

Partner with Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M), where your ideas are protected and valued.