Software, Information Sys. Department Team

Amir Kariv


Practice areas


Technical Advisor

B.Sc. Electronics Engineering

Specific Expertise

4G, 5G, Artificial Intelligence in Automotive, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Big Data, Block Chain, Classifier, Cloud Computing, Communications, Computer Architecture, Cryptography, Cyber Security, Cybertech, Digital Electronics, Drones, Electrical Machines, Hi-tech (high tech), IoT, Machine Learning, Mobile, Mobile Devices (cameras, navigation), Network Communications, Neural Network, Robotics, Semiconductor Devices, Software Engineering, Virtual Reality.

Experience & Background
Amir Kariv has deep understanding of processors architecture as well as extensive knowledge of video and graphics technologies – analog and digital video, image processing, video encoding/decoding and video transfer. He also has extensive knowledge and experience in connectivity & communications at board and system level and deep understanding of commercial and military communications protocols (wired & wireless). Amir’s knowledge in software architecture and operating systems, includes real time operating systems (Windows, Linux, VxWorks, INTEGRITY), and hardware-software interfaces.Exemplified technologies patents drafted by Amir include: IBM: U.S. Patent Publication #2014-0201706-A1; U.S. Patent Publication #2015-0019173-A1;
2015   Affiliated with Ehrlich & Fenster as a Technical Advisor.2013 – 2014   Global Director of Hardware and Mechanical Design at Paradox Innovation.2012 – 2013   Patent Attorney Trainee at Ehrlich & Fenster1995 – 2011   Aitech Systems

1993 – 1994     Motorola Semiconductors (now Freescale) 

1995 – 2011   Management courses and seminars by professional management consultant firms Technical and professional courses and seminars1990 – 1994   B. Sc. in Electronics Engineering – Tel-Aviv University Specialized in Communications and Computers and Control1990 – 1994   High school graduate in mathematics and physics track – Tel Aviv.