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Amir Kariv

Full Name: Amir Kariv (B.Sc)

Title: Technical Advisor, Software Department

Email: amir@ipatent.co.il



2015 – Patent Attorney @ Ehrlich & Fenster – Patent & Trademark Attorney

Patent attorney providing patent drafting and prosecution services for multiple jurisdictions including Israel, US, Europe, Japan and more in multiple fields of expertise, including, Software, computers, telecom, medical devices, hardware, cyber, algorithms, machine learning and more. 

2013 – 2014 Global Director of Hardware and Mechanical Design @ Paradox Innovation

At Paradox (international company specializing in comprehensive security solutions) I managed the hardware and mechanical design groups of the company (20 engineers and technicians) located in two separated sites – Israel and Canada (Montreal).

2012 – 2013 Patent Attorney Trainee @ Ehrlich & Fenster – Patent & Trademark Attorney

1995 – 2011 R&D Manager @ Aitech Systems

At Aitech Systems (international company specializing in rugged computer solutions primarily for the defense industry) I managed the R&D group including, hardware, software, mechanical design and validation groups (30 engineers and technicians) of the company.


  • Patent Drafting

  • Patent Prosecution


  • B. Sc Electronics Engineering from Tel-Aviv University

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  • Software

  • Computers

  • Communication

  • Information technology

  • Cyber

  • Algorithms

  • Machine learning