Dr. Michael Gerver


Practice areas


Patent Attorney

Ph.D. Physics

Specific Expertise

Diagnostic Methods and Technologies, Foodtech, Medical Devices, Medical Imaging, Medical Implants, Medical Sensors, Medical Technologies, MEMS, Mobile Devices (cameras, navigation), MRI, Optics, Electro-optics, Semiconductor Devices, Sensors (molecular, solid state), Surgical Methods and Technologies, Ultrasound Technologies.

Experience & Background

Dr. Gerver has experience in research in plasma physics, including controlled fusion, plasma processing, and plasma-spacecraft interactions, as a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley, 1973-76, as a post-doctoral fellow and research scientist at Cornell University, 1976-79, and as a research scientist at MIT, 1979-1990.


In 1990- 2001, and as a part-time consultant since 2001, he worked in the industry field in R&D, on motor and actuator design, ordinary and superconducting magnet design, magnetic materials, smart materials, vibration control, ion sources, robotics, MEMS, fluid dynamics, magnetic shielding, fluorescent lights, wireless power transfer, energy harvesting, and MRI.


He began his career in patents in 2001, working first at Fenster & Co., and since 2007 at Ehrlich & Fenster, writing and prosecuting patent applications in medical imaging and instrumentation, optical networks, and other technology.


2007-present, Patent Attorney at Ehrlich & Fenster

2001-2006, Patent Attorney at Fenster & Co.

2000-2001, Senior Scientist at GE Medical Systems, Haifa, doing R&D in MRI

1997-2000, worked full time as an independent consultant

1990-1997, Senior Engineer at SatCon Technology Corp., Cambridge, MA

1979-1990, Research Scientist at MIT, in the Plasma Fusion Center, and (1988-89) in the Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics

1976-1979, Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Scientist at Cornell University, in the Laboratory for Plasma Studies



1977, Ph.D. in Physics from University of California at Berkeley

1970, B.A. in Physics from Brandeis University

Dr. Gerver is an author of over 40 papers published in refereed journals and conference proceedings, including The Astrophysical Journal, Physical Review Letters, Physics of Fluids, Nuclear Fusion, Journal of Computational Physics, Reviews of Scientific Instruments, Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, and IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, mostly on plasma physics, smart materials, and motion control. He is an inventor on two U.S. patents.


Academic Awards

1970: Phi Beta Kappa

1970: Rishon Bialer Memorial Prize, Brandeis University

1970: National Science Foundation Fellowship


Voluntary Activities

Founding member of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston, 1982; contributed data to Jewish Online Worldwide Burial Registry, 2004-2012; member of Kremenets Shtetl Co-op since 2003

Member of Human Rights Committee of American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics, 1980s

Gave an invited talk on “Ned Birdsall’s Academic Ancestry,” at IEEE Pulsed Power and Plasma Science Conference, 2013



Admitted to U.S. Patent Bar, 2003