Strategic Prowess

We help our clients identify, determine and strategize the maximum protection available for their core Intellectual Property. We analyze and assess the potential business opportunities that may emerge from our client’s innovative technologies and areas of invention and help them cultivate and protect every available aspect in their Intellectual Property arsenal.


Ehrlich & Fenster employs personnel having academic education and vast patent experience in all fields of Life Science and Technology including Computer Hardware and Software, Communications, Internet Applications, Business Methods, Electronics, Optics, Electro-Optics, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Agrotechnology, Medicine, Medical Devices, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Chemoinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics, Cellomics, Pharmacology, Chemistry, Mechanics and more.

Our Patent Attorneys, Attorneys and Patent Agents are registered to practice directly before both the Israel and US Patent and Trademark Offices.


The firm has established an highly efficient ability to prosecute due to the vast technical background and experienced staff in all areas of Intellectual Property Rights: Patent preparation and prosecution, Opinions regarding Product Clearance, Infringement/Non-Infringement, Patentability and Validity searches.

At Ehrlich & Fenster, we are experienced in handling last-minute filings, e.g., prior to publication. Even with these last-minute filings, we never compromise our service quality; each such application provides a product of the same high standard as any other application prepared under regular circumstances.

Dynamic Thought

Staying focused on the subtlety of movement across the market playing field is essential. Always cognizant of the strategic objectives that lie ahead, Ehrlich & Fenster consistently explore all the potential business directions available to its clients, including buying, in-and-out-licensing, selling and international expansion. We help you avoid blocking patents effectively and guide all the pieces that comprise the front line of your Intellectual Property confidently forward.

Individual Service

The firm combines Corporate and Private practice experience to manage Intellectual Property portfolios to the benefit of each client. Every client is treated individually and obtains a strategic global perspective of his Intellectual Property management, while larger corporate clients maintain the insight required for communicating with individuals or their smaller clientele. The firm is experienced in interfacing both directly with inventors and with in house or external counsel to technology companies.

Cost Transparency

Not bound by cost or billing structures, projects may be budgeted in a flexible manner, thereby enabling applications to be filed with respect to projects, which could have commercial potential value in the future, but would not otherwise be cost-justified at normal hourly rates.