Plant Breeder’s Rights

The development of new plant varieties calls for its breeders to fiercely protect their innovations through plant breeders’ rights, a specific and exclusive type of intellectual property. Breeders must protect the plant’s intellectual property, such as fertilization substances, including seeds, shoots, division and tissue cultures, as well as the product of the fertilization itself, including flowers, fruit and foliage. To support an owner’s success, this niche area of expertise demands partnering with professionals in possession of the most comprehensive and leading knowledge. Ehrlich & Fenster (E&F) is the partner you need.

Clients regularly turn to us for our experts in breeders’ rights that specialize in the analysis and identification of new plant varieties, as they are confident in Ehrlich & Fenster (E&F)’s ability to secure maximum protection for their IP. In addition, clients value our close relationship with the Plant Breeders’ Rights Unit within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, which tests the singularity, stability and uniformity of seeds before granting rights to a plant. We support plant breeders during both the preliminary application for a breeder’s rights and also during the renewal process.

The experience of our team in the registration of breeders’ rights in Israel and with related infringements, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the agricultural and plant variety markets, ensure our ability to preserve and advance the strategic goals of our clients.  With a tailored, flexible and attentive approach, we are determined to safely protect this unique asset.