Copyright is a vital tool in the protection of a business, as it gives exclusive rights of use and distribution to the creator of an original piece of work during a set period of time, and as such, it should be protected. However, the copyright laws and complex issues involved often leave many intimidated and hesitant to begin the process. In such a diverse and rapidly changing market, copyright owners and those seeking to protect their rights can depend upon our expertise in a variety of fields, including traditional publishing, Internet, music, photography, literature, television, cinema and more. Ehrlich & Fenster (E&F) is the partner you need to overcome the challenges and guide you through the unknown.

Our copyrights team works closely with domestic and international clients, advising on a full array of complex copyright issues, from the registration of the copyright to its enforcement and protection, including the analysis of copyright ownership. We work seamlessly with the lawyers of Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M) to address all matters relating to copyright law, including the  enforcement of copyrights against third parties or defending clients accused of any infringements before the court.

Upon partnering with a client, we constantly strive to safely protect your copyright, allowing you to focus on the commercial development and successful growth of your IP assets. Together, we can turn your ideas into value.