As an eager world of multinationals look to grow and diversify their own IP portfolios, the opportunities for hi-tech companies and independent inventors can be commercially exciting and worrisome at the same time. You benefit from partnering with IPTrade, which has established itself as the most trusted business platform and destination of choice for holders of U.S. technology patents looking to monetize their unexploited IP assets in global markets.

IPTrade provides its clients with a best value monetization service for their valuable patents. Our business model is predicated on a strict contingency or “success fee” basis; we are only rewarded for our efforts if our performance translates into a transaction. Employing a comprehensive “A-to-Z” commercialization approach, we enable a critical mass of Israeli intellectual property to transfer hands to multinationals who can leverage them as valuable and highly effective business tools while procuring the highest return possible for our clients.

The brainchild of Dr. Gal Ehrlich, Adv. Amit Ehrlich and Will Plut, IPTrade is a collaborative initiative of field-proven, business-savvy IP professionals who are well versed with every facet of the patent lifecycle, and understand how to convert potentially valuable, yet unused patents, into sellable real estate.

Dr. Gal Ehrlich has enjoyed a longstanding leadership role in developing valuable patents from innovative Israeli technology and helping clients to build strategic business roadmaps for their IP with actionable, long-term plans. Amit Ehrlich an Israeli attorney and litigator intimately connected to the major players in the evolving global trade of patents, and understands how to navigate a complex market where valuable properties are in high demand. Will Plut, a U.S based patent attorney and inventor, has been involved in innovation and the commercialization of inventions since 1997. He currently resides in Silicon Valley, California, where he is the leader of PPI.

Together, this combined expertise, and that of the wider Ehrlich Group, ensure that businesses working with IPTrade successfully commercialize their most prized IP assets.

Our team repeatedly features in the IAM 300 and the IAM 1000 as among the top patent strategists and IP transaction professionals in the world.