The IPTrade Advantage  

Through a partnership with IPTrade, our clients are not only provided with the knowledge of our monetization experts, but also with the industry expertise of Ehrlich & Fenster Patent and Trademark Attorneys and that of Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer Attorneys at Law.


This unparalleled collaboration allows us to provide you unique services through one-of-a-kind synergy within the Ehrlich Group. Among other things, clients value that which distinguishes IPTrade:

  • Widespread guidance – The shared knowledge and experience of the Ehrlich Group provides clients with a rare combination of skill sets in writing, evaluation and analysis, enforcement, litigation and selling patents;
  • Top-notch representation– We’re attorneys and patent attorneys, not brokers and are thus are ethically bound to represent the exclusive interests of our clients and conduct ourselves accordingly;
  • A-Z service – With a comprehensive 360-degree support, we thoroughly analyze the inherent value of a patent as a potential asset, present it as marketable real estate and identify the best possible suitor. We are able to look at matters from a business perspective and bring a client the best possible financial outcome;
  • Ability to absorb risk – We are willing to incur costs that may never be recouped while attempting to properly position and sell your patent; we only take on what we believe in and we always believe in our ability to register a win on your behalf;
  • Capability to achieve effective results – IPTrade’s wealth of connections to leading major entities interested in acquiring patents, including Fortune 500 companies and non-practicing patent aggregators, allowing us to present patents credibly and secure the strongest possible valuations.