An Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement Strategy Will Protect Your Brand’s Reputation and Value.

Understanding Your Needs 

You create an incredible product and begin to make money. Soon, other companies catch on and some may try to profit from your ideas. With international counterfeiting and piracy on the rise, brand owners know they must be vigilant when it comes to dealing with counterfeit goods so that they can protect their own brand’s reputation and value. This is why the protection of your patents, copyrights, designs and trademarks are so important, right across every industry. 



Adding Value

We have built up a longstanding and highly respected anti-counterfeiting and intellectual property enforcement practice, with the full arsenal of weapons to safeguard your brands. A prime destination for Fortune 500 brand owners and emerging companies, we take a proactive and hands-on approach, with a team of professionals building a comprehensive and effective strategy to protect brands, using all necessary enforcement methods to reduce piracy.





Here for You

With a successful track record in tackling, head-on, anti-counterfeiting litigation, our team has developed close working relations with the Israeli Police and the Israeli Customs Authorities, vital pillars of defense against counterfeit goods and piracy.


Please feel free to contact the lawyers in Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M) of the Ehrlich Group, should you have a question about the services we provide regarding anti-counterfeiting.


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