Patent Term Extension

PTE increases the value of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Understanding Your Needs 

Patent term extension (PTE) allows the extension of the term of protection for a patent claiming a product that requires regulatory approval prior to being sold, under certain conditions. PTE aims to restore part of the patent term that was lost, while the patent holder is awaiting regulatory approval for the product. Such products include pharmaceuticals and medical devices under Israeli law.

However, the specific conditions and requirements for granting a term extension vary between jurisdictions. Our IP experts have vast experience in applying and obtaining PTE in Israel and in other applicable jurisdictions.


Adding Value

The process of obtaining PTE can be complex, as it is very detail oriented and requires specific knowledge and experience. It requires filing an application in this regard to the Patent Office or a motion to Court in each jurisdiction where PTE is available within a pre-determined period of time, in accordance with local procedure.

Here for You

Our experts are highly qualified patent attorneys and lawyers with vast experience in complex issues and processes regarding the pharmaceutical industry and hold a comprehensive understanding of the steps necessary to secure a patent term extension.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about the services we provide regarding patent term extension.

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