Every year, the Ehrlich Group files thousands of patent applications around the world.

Understanding Your Needs 

Patents can provide powerful leverage for your business. Whether they cover the products, the machines or materials that make your products, or the processes you use, they are a valuable part of your start-up and business. They can stop other companies from using your technology to develop a rival, can generate revenue and also create strong relationships with companies that need your product or technology.

Your first step towards protecting your invention is to consider patents for intellectual property protection. While there are also other IP rights you should consider, like trade secrets, designs, and even copyrights, each with their own requirements and benefits, we help you to decide which is the best and most appropriate course of action to protect your IP. 


Adding Value

Should patenting your invention be the right IP move, our IP experts are well equipped to make sure your invention is covered from every possible angle to maximize your company’s market opportunity. Once protected, we help you to build IP portfolios, where necessary, and tailor a strategy to your particular needs, covering every aspect of protecting computer-based and other inventions, including patent prosecution worldwide, patent enforcement and litigation, monetization and transactions of technology, and regulatory matters.

Here for You

With a large roster of start-ups, entrepreneurs, well-established corporates, government agencies and independent research institutions, Ehrlich Group’s team of experts are up-to-speed on all local and foreign IP legislation, and also includes foreign-licensed patent attorneys who can help with questions on foreign jurisdictions. On all types of patent litigation, clients have instant access to the Ehrlich Group’s hugely experienced litigators who have successfully resolved patent infringement and many other types of disputes for some of Israel’s most well-known businesses.

If you have any questions regarding your patent needs, feel free to contact us.

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