Service Inventions

About 80% of all patent applications include service inventions.

Understanding Your Needs 

As one of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems, Israel, home to the largest number of start-ups per capita globally, as well as hundreds of R&D centres of some of the world’s largest multinationals and some of the most educated and ambitious inventors.

The vast majority of patent applications include inventions that were invented by an employee of the company. A ‘service invention’ is an invention made by an employee during the course of their employment and as a consequence of their professional duties. Within this landscape, inventors of cutting-edge products or services face many challenges regarding the ownership and compensation for such an invention. In recent years, there has been a significant rise in claims made by inventors, R&D companies and other parties.

Adding Value

Most of the time, these disputes include complex legal and technological matters. In these disputes, we have supported employees and employers in complex service invention disputes brought to Israeli Courts, the Israeli Patent Office and the Compensation and Royalties Committee.


Here for You

In close and seamless collaboration between the different arms of the Group we combine the patent attorneys’ understanding of the technical aspects of the inventions with the legal knowhow of the lawyers of Ehrlich, Neubauer and Meltzer (EN&M), to resolve service inventions disputes for those R&D companies, institutes and employers, as well as the inventors often working for them. 

The growth of technological and scientific R&D entities in Israel has made service inventions one of the most important legal issues in Israeli patent law. Whether you are a concerned employer or an inventor, contact us with any question about service inventions and the relevant services we provide.

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