Trade Secrets

Protecting the ‘secret sauce’ of your most precious assets.

Understanding Your Needs 

A trade secret will naturally vary from sector to sector and can include formulas, databases, methods, processes, business plans and much more. Trade secrets are the only type of IP – a “secret sauce” that must not be disclosed and are often considered to be a company’s most precious assets and key to the company’s success. Your start-up’s trade secrets are meant for you and a failure to protect them could have massive financial and legal consequences.

Adding Value

Working with the Ehrlich Group gives you both complete confidence and immediate access to experts who are highly skilled in identifying and distinguishing what needs to be protected as a trade secret, as a patent, or as a combination of both, in any industry.



Here for You

We work with our clients to develop the best possible protection strategy, from the time of identification of the trade secret to its incorporation into a client’s IP portfolio, through to ensuring maximum protection – when and if faced with third-party infringement.  In this regard, our lawyers of Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M) are solely focused on ensuring that any trade secrets violations will be swiftly and effectively managed.


If you have any queries about trade secrets, their value, or how to fully protect them, talk to our IP experts who can guide you.


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