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    Dr. Paul Fenster

    Head of Local and Foreign Litigation Support B.E.E., Ph.D. Electrophysics


    Dr. Fenster brings to his present work a unique combination of high level industrial R&D experience, preparation and prosecution of patent applications and substantial litigation experience.

    Dr. Fenster was a full time professor of Electrical Engineering at City College of New York for 5 years, and has taught courses at Tel Aviv University, The Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, The Weizmann Institute and was also a Visiting Professor of Physics in Medicine at Cornell University Medical School.

    Dr. Fenster performed R&D and consulted in the fields of microwave tubes while working for Varian Associates and Elta Electronics Industries, Ltd. During that time he spent three years as the General Manager of the Microwave Tube Plant at Elta. He performed research in high power short pulse generation and measurement at Sperry Rand Research Center. Dr. Fenster was Manager, R&D at ECI Telecom. He later founded and headed the Microelectronics Technology Center at Tadiran.


    In 1997, Dr. Fenster co-founded the firm of Fenster & Company, later to merge in 2006 with the practice of Ehrlich & Partners, becoming Ehrlich & Fenster, Israel’s largest & leading Patent Attorneys firm.

    1990-1996 Dr. Fenster joined the practice of Sanford T. Colb & Co., where he set-up and headed a Hi-Tech patent group. During this period, Dr. Fenster was also involved in a number of US litigations, licensing and preparation of validity and infringement opinions.

    Dr. Fenster was active in the field of medical imaging at Elscint Ltd. where he headed a project developing digital subtraction angiography machines and was divisional manager for X-Ray R&D. He was part of Elcint’s legal team that successfully enforced its patents against Sopha Medical Systems and ADAC

    1988-2006 Associated with Indigo, Ltd. (now a division of Hewlett-Packard) as a Senior Manager responsible for the company’s IP and later serving as their outside Patent Attorney. During this period, Dr. Fenster was responsible for the preparation and prosecution of over 100 patent applications.

    1960-1988 Dr. Fenster was active in various areas of R&D before becoming a Patent Attorney.


    1967 Ph.D. in Electro Physics at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York

    1964 M.Sc. in Electro Physics at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York

    1960 B.E.E., Magna cum Laude, City College of New York


    Dr. Fenster is a registered Patent Attorney in Israel since 1990 and a US Patent Agent since 1989.

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