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    Geoffrey L. Melnick

    Head of Hitech


    Geoff  began in the IP field in 1990 in the UK with Haseltine Lake, one of the country’s most prestigious IP firms, handling an International client list that included such multi-national companies as Fujitsu, Sharp and Siemens.

    He moved to Israel in 1997 and joined Dr Gal Ehrlich at the establishment of his firm in 2000.

    Since then Geoff has been involved with an exciting mixture of mature companies and big and small startups, seeing many of the startups from their first patent application through investment rounds to successful multi-million dollar exits.

    Geoff has been involved in the preparation of patent applications in Hardware, Software, Communications, Physics, and Medical Devices, in particular RF engineering, microwave antennae, satellite communications, sound and image processing, data compression, pattern recognition, control and measurement engineering, computer modeling, communications protocols, cellular and roaming infrastructures, ultrasound, firewalls, cryptography, semiconductor manufacture, computer architecture, memories, computer input devices and interfaces, smart cards, semiconductor lasers, fiber optics, CNC devices and robotics, seismic imaging and electrical machines.

    He has also been involved in due diligence assessments, opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office and litigation support, as well as providing strategy and portfolio management advice, and has also conducted numerous hearings at the USPTO.


    • Drafting and Prosecution of Patent Applications, including conducting hearings and oppositions
    • European Patent Office – Specialist advice and crisis management
    • UK Patent Office – Specialist advice and crisis management
    • Searches, Due Diligence
    • Strategy and the International view for rounded management of a full Intellectual Property Portfolio, from start up to multinational
    • Talks and Lectures – get your inventors and managers up to speed with Intellectual Property


    • 1991 – 1992 – Post Graduate Certificate of Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary College, University of London UK.
    • 1986 – 1990 – BEng. (Hons) degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Manchester, UK

    Ask me about

    • Communications Engineering including 4G, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth™, Compression – including sound and image, Cryptography, satellite communications and electro-optics;
    • Analog electronics  including amplifiers and switching, sound engineering.
    • Computer Architecture, Digital Electronics;
    • Control engineering – including analog and digital controllers,
    • High Voltage and electrical machines
    • Autonomous Vehicles, Nano-electronics, Robotics, Semiconductors, IOT devices and interconnections for smart systems.
    • The European Patent Office
    • Copyright and design right for industrially produced articles.

    Community and Volunteer work and Life in General

    Geoff has been a long-time supporter of Kulanu, an organization that works around the world to locate and support isolated and emerging Jewish communities and help them to reconnect to the wider Jewish world.

    Geoff has stood in elections for public office both in the UK and in Israel.

    Runs and works out on a regular basis

    A keen follower of the latest developments in science and technology, as well as an avid student of philosophy, history, Talmud and Kaballah.  Has recently completed extensive YouTube courses in Abstract Algebra and Theoretical Physics.

    Writes his own computer programs, mainly in Delphi.

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