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When it comes to protecting software, both technical and legal understanding is vital.

Understanding Your Needs

An open source is a software whose source code is open and accessible to all. This allows anyone who wishes to do so to take part in the software development and contribute to its improvement. Nowadays, many technology companies use this kind of business model to encourages free collaboration. However, it can also present challenges and risks to the company, especially with regards to the company’s IP assets. Our IP experts have the most advanced technical and legal understanding to ensure our clients’ assets are properly protected while engaging in open source

We build our clients a tailored strategy when handling their open source issues, and all other related computer law 
matters, including drafting patents for software based inventions; handling copyright matters in software; carrying 
out due diligence processes in transactions involving open source and other types of software; handling 
enforcement of IP rights in software, and drafting and negotiating various types of licenses, agreements and 
contracts, including, inter alia, user licenses, software development contracts, EULA and SaaS agreements, and 
many more

Our diverse team, including holders of M.A. and PhD degrees in software related fields and experts with vast 
practicing experience in these areas. With in-depth understanding of the technological developments in this 
rapidly changing industry, our firm is able to provide the most cutting-edge advice to its clients involved in open 
source software. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about the services we provide regarding open source.

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