Trademarks are valuable tools used to distinguish a product, service or brand from the range of offerings on the market, and as such they should be valued as a central place in your intellectual property portfolio. Protecting and defending strong and valid trademarks requires a knowledgeable and experienced partner. Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M) is the partner you need to skillfully protect your trademarks and resolve any trademark dispute.

The synergy within the Ehrlich Group enables us to accompany our clients from the moment a trademark is conceived, through the managing and planning of their trademark portfolio, and to ensuring its maximum protection in court. Together with cooperation from Ehrlich & Fenster Patent and Trademark Attorneys (E&F), we are confidently able to handle all matters relating to trademark prosecution, such as trademark clearance and trademark registration in Israel and abroad, including in complex cases.

Our expertise also includes a proven track record in representing clients in a range of challenges in court and before the Israel Trademarks Office, including domestic oppositions, competition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademarks Registrar, as well as in trademark infringement lawsuits, passing off, unfair competition, trade dress disputes and much more. We are also able to provide valuable insight and support to our clients in various proceedings before trademark offices and courts across the globe.

In addition, our firm also handles other trademark related activity, such as enforcement, the licensing and transfer of trademarks, and domain name registration. The experience and knowledge of our team, spanning a wide variety of industries, enables us to maintain a diverse client roster while ensuring that each receives the maximum support and guidance, regardless of the issues at hand.

The Ehrlich Group is internationally recognized among the world’s leading trademark specialists for its high quality of client service, talent and professionalism.