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Boaz Rahat

Full Name: Boaz Rahat

Title: Patent Attorney, Medical Devices Department

Email: boaz@ipatent.co.il



Since 1982 Boaz has been part of Israel’s High-Tech boom, working at research and development in some of the country’s well known firms, such a RAFAEL, Intel and NDS.

Since 2007 Boaz has been an Israel-licensed patent attorney affiliated with Ehrlich & Fenster.


  • Patent Drafting

  • Patent Prosecution


  • 1991-1995 M.S. degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin, USA

  • 1979-1981 M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics (Electro-Optics) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

  • 1972-1975 B.Sc. degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Ask me about

  • Medtech

  • Communications

  • Holographic Display

  • Physics

  • Solar Energy

  • Computer software

Community (Volunteer work) 

  • Parent Patrol, 2016-present