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Dr. Ran Shofar

Full Name: Dr. Ran Shofar

Title: Patent Attorney, Software, Information Systems Department

Email: ran@ipatent.co.il



Dr. Shofar has been Affiliated with Ehrlich & Fenster since 2010, and as been a licensed Patent Attorney since 2012. Dr. Shofar combines his background as a Medical Doctor, Computer Engineer and licensed Patent Attorney to draft and prosecute patents in a variety of technological fields. Dr. Shofar has practical work experience in a variety of technical fields, including Motorola (networks) and Baylis Medical (medical device development).


  • Patent Drafting

  • Patent Prosecution


  • 2004-2008 Doctor of Medicine, University of Toronto. Graduated with honors.

  • 1996–2001 Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering (Engineering Science program, Computer Engineering option), University of Toronto. Graduated with honors.

  • 1999–2000 Third Year Study Abroad Program, Technion (Computer Science).


Ask me about

  • Machine Learning

  • Medical Devices

  • Medical Imaging

  • Signal Processing

  • Networks

  • Software

  • Computer architecture

Community (Volunteer work) 

  • 2004-2006 President and Founder, STEM (Students for Technology and Engineering in Medicine), University of Toronto.
  • 1997-1999 Co-founder and Co-president, CUBE (Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineers), University of Toronto