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Ehrlich & Fenster Patent and Trademark Attorneys (E&F) has long been the destination of choice for innovative and ambitious clients seeking unparalleled expertise in intellectual property protection and prosecution. Ehrlich & Fenster (E&F) offers services of filing and prosecution of Patents in all areas of science and technology.

Elinor David

Full Name: Elinor David (Ms.)

Title: Manager – PCT Department, Deputy Manager – USA Department




Joined the Ehrlich group in 2009, most of my experience in the Intellectual Property field, is as Deputy Manager of the U.S. Department.

As of 2020 I also manage the PCT Department.

In charge of 4 teams consisting of ~30 paralegals; responsible for PCT and U.S. filing deadlines, submission of hundreds of U.S. and PCT applications and responses annually.

Possess extensive experience in multiple aspects of the life of a patent (from the initial filing, through prosecution, recording changes and grant).



  • US filing, Prosecution, Administration
  • PCT filing, Administration
  • Client support
  • Attorney support

Ask me about

Administrative matters estimated costs and general procedural patent questions pertaining to PCT and U.S. Patent & Trademark Office including all rules and regulations.