Food Tech Team

Food Tech Team

Dr. Gitay Kryger


Practice areas


Patent Attorney

Head of Foodtech Field
Ph.D. Chemistry and Biochemistry, M.B.A.

Specific Expertise

Additive Manufacturing, Agritech, Agrotech, Biotech, Cannatech, Chemical Processes, Computational Biology, Fashion and Garment Manufacturing, Foodtech, Inkjet Printing, Metal Passivation and Activation, Metallurgy, Nutraceuticals, Oil & Gas, Osmosis, Polymers, Renewable Energy, Reverse and Forward, Small Molecules, Structure-function of Biomulecules , Textile, Watech.


2004 Keddem Bioscience Ltd., Head of Experimental Science. Participated in strategic decisions including spin-off process from Compugen Ltd. To Keddem Bioscience Ltd. Leading Scientific experimentation and operational proof of concept. Initiation, leading all outsourced projects to local and overseas contractors and partners.

2001-2004 Compugen Ltd., Director of Operations at the R&D Division. Comprehensive research facility construction, coordination and operation

2000-2001 Compugen Ltd., Senior Scientist in the Computational Chemistry and Drug Design Group, R&D Division. Development and advancement of an innovative concept of drug discovery. Principal research, acquisition and expansion of existing and new relevant technologies, experimental proof of concept, presentations to investors, human resource recruitment.

1998-2000 Weizmann Institute of Science, Research Associate. Co-lead basic research in the field of structural biology. Principal and experimental research of human and animal acetyl cholinesterase in relevance to Alzheimer’s disease and agricultural (logical pesticide development) subjects.

1997-2004 Brookhaven National Laboratory, Guest Appointment in the Biology Dept. Conducted and assisted in experimental research at the local synchrotron light source facility and sample preparation laboratories.

1995-1998 Weizmann Institute of Science, Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Conducted basic research in the field of structural biology, focusing on acetyl cholinesterase as a pharmaceutical target. Developed tools and methods for structural data acquisition in relevance to rational drug development of new Alzheimer’s disease drugs and pesticide development.


2001-2003 M.B.A. degree from Ben-Gurion University, Israel

1989-1995 Ph.D. degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the Brandeis University, Boston, USA

1985-1989 B.Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry from the Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Academic Awards

1989 Dean’s Award for Excellence, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

B.Sc. Magna Cum Laude

1989-1994 Career Development Award, Chemistry Department, Brandeis University, Boston, USA


2008- Licensed as a Patent Attorney before the Israel Patent & Trademark Office