Dr. Lihu Kolton


Patent Attorney

Ph.D. Neurophysiology, M.Sc. Life Sciences, B.Sc. Chemistry

Specific Expertise

Artificial Occular Lenses, Automated Cell Sorting, BCI (brain computer interface), Biocompatible Materials, Bioreactors, Brain Stimulation, Cardiac Defibrillators, Cardiology, Cataract Surgery, Collagen Chemistry, Cosmetics, Dental Devices and Technologies, Electrochemical Cells (Batteries), Electrochemistry, FMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), Gastroenterology, Gel Electrophoresis Systems, Hair Depilation Systems, Implantable Radioactive Seeds, Mammography, Medical Imaging Technologies, Medical Implants , Medical Related Algorithms, Medical Sensors, Medical Technologies, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), Ophthalmology , Orthodontics, Pacemakers, Phototherapy, Power Harvesting Devices, Primary Lithium Batteries, Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, RF Based Skin Treatment, Spinal Implants, Stents, Surgical Lasers, Surgical Methods and Technologies, Thermal Mammography Imaging, Tissue Ablating Lasers, TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), Ultrasonic Sensors, Ultrasound Technologies Diagnostic Methods and Technologies.

Experience & Background

Dr. Kolton has personally drafted and successfully prosecuted hundreds of patents in the US, Europe and other countries, including planning, drafting, prosecuting and maintaining entire portfolios of Patents for major Technology companies.

During his career, Dr. Kolton handled drafting and prosecuting patents for biomedical devices and systems, Strategic patent portfolio planning and optimization, Patent portfolio Audits and Portfolio Evaluations for VCs and Private Investors, Internal potential IP mining for mature companies, IP consulting.

Dr. Kolton was involved in worldwide Patent drafting and prosecution with focus on biomedical and medical devices, implants, stents, catheter based devices, imaging catheters, medical navigation systems, Biotech, medical electronics, electro-optics, medical lasers, chemistry and composite materials, medical imaging technologies, CMOS imagers, Pharmaceutics, molecular separation techniques, protein and DNA/RNA electrophoresis, agro-chemicals, cosmetics, surgical, orthopedic, ophtalmic and dental medicine, clinical diagnostics, cell-sorting, bio-sensors, micro-miniature sensors, MEMS and nanotechnology

On 1 August 2015, Dr. Kolton merged his practice – Kolton & Associates with Ehrlich & Fenster.


2006-2015 Owner and Manager Lihu Kolton & Associates.
2005 Head of Bio-medical Technologies Department, Eitan Law Group, Herzlia, Israel.
1996-2004 Senior Patent Attorney, Pearl, Latzer & Cohen-Zedek, Herzlia, Israel.


Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel (B.Sc., Chemistry, 1970);

Feinberg Graduate School, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel (M.Sc., Life Sciences);

Hebrew University Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel (Ph.D., Neurophysiology, Physiology Department).


Licensed as a Patent Attorney before the Israel Patent & Trademark Office