Litigation Support

After an intellectual property asset has been identified and registered, its protection remains a vital component of a company’s ongoing success. When faced with the threat of, or actual litigation, or when initiating litigation is required, trusting experts is critical. With its successful track record both in Israel and abroad, Ehrlich & Fenster (E&F) is a partner to trust.

There is no substitute for experience and our clients rely heavily on our knowledge and skills when it comes to litigation support. Ehrlich & Fenster (E&F) assists in finding overseas counsel and preparing clients for IP (patents, trademarks, unfair competition etc.) litigation abroad, and we are actively involved in the technical aspects of our clients’ cases overseas, including those in Europe, the UK, Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea and in other jurisdictions. We also represent clients and provide litigation support in matters relating to due diligence, the analysis of patents or patent portfolios during acquisition or investment, and in discussions with foreign patent holders who assert their patents against our clients.

In addition to the jurisdictions above, we frequently work on matters relating to the U.S., often involving the filing and prosecution of patents there. Clients choose Ehrlich & Fenster (E&F) for the practical experience and in-depth knowledge of our practitioners that includes US patent attorneys, and also because of our close cooperation with Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M) that enables us to work with their skilled team of litigators, including those with educational and professional experience in the U.S. By utilizing the strengths of the Ehrlich Group (Hyperlink), we are often able to help our clients in reducing the costs of litigation proceedings there.

Clients benefit immensely from our seamless and close relationship with Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M), as together we are able to provide the most complete and thorough advice to clients facing litigation in Israel or abroad. The Ehrlich Group’s patent attorneys and lawyers offer rich legal and academic experience combined with unparalleled technical knowledge of many sectors, as well as concrete achievements in resolving IP litigation, leaving our clients feeling safe and satisfied.