The Right Move on the Chessboard of Intellectual Property

Whether you are a high-tech company or a private owner of technology-related patents, IPTrade is Israel’s premium service for monetizing your intellectual properties on the global markets.

Tier-1 enterprises, start-ups and private inventors choose to partner with IPTrade, utilizing our vast expertise in order to leverage the untapped value of their intellectual property. From assessing a patent’s worth and sourcing it to prospective buyers, to maximizing its value and negotiating a sale, IPTrade works closely with many owners of technology-focused patents registered in the U.S. and elsewhere.

As a client of IPTrade, which is the most effective, successful and valued channel to monetize your IP on the international stage, you will also have access to the steadfast support of the Ehrlich Group.  Through this unique collaboration, you will benefit from the first-class patent prosecution expertise of Ehrlich & Fenster and the comprehensive litigation experience of Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer. in addition to the monetization expertise of IPTrade,.

Partner with the Ehrlich Group, where your ideas are valued.