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Intellectual Property Is the Currency of The Future

Understanding Your Needs 

Start-ups need to develop an intellectual property strategy in order to commercialize and monetize it. Commercialization of IP and technology is carried out through a wide range of agreements. Whether signing a licensing agreement, protecting the IP during the course of the business, or agreeing to sell the IP asset, you will need to carefully balance your priorities and objectives with the best possible IP agreement for your business.

These agreements frequently will have special characteristics, building a bridge between the IP at the heart of the transaction, and the contractual legal aspects, and, as such, they call for a significant level of legal, technological and scientific expertise.

Adding Value

Clients are immediately at an advantage by working with our hugely experienced lawyers who structure tailored and relevant IP agreements, licenses and commercial transactions that help them, as well as having access to our dedicated commercialization branch, IPTrade, which has developed a successful track record in monetizing IP. This includes negotiating commercialization transactions, such as licenses in all fields of science and technology, open-source licenses, IP Ownership agreements, R&D agreements, confidentiality (NDA) and Trade Secret Protection agreements, and much more.

Here for You

Drawing on our own scientific and technical backgrounds, our IP experts conduct a thorough due diligence procedure to give you a clear and comprehensive view of the intellectual property in question so that we can choose the best transactional route to go down, while taking all possible measures to avoid risks of future litigation. 

Which intellectual property agreement is right for you? Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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