Plant Breeder’s Rights

We understand that Plant Breeder’s Rights Are the Future of Agriculture.

Understanding Your Needs 

Plant breeder’s rights (also known as plant variety rights) are a form of intellectual property rights that grants breeders a monopoly over a new variety of plant. Registration and protection of plant breeder’s rights demands specific legal and technical knowledge and experience with regards to this complex field of intellectual property. Our team of IP experts specialize in handling every aspect of protecting our clients’ IP in plant variation, including registration, licensing, transactions and enforcement. 

Adding Value

Our IP experts formulate a protection plan for our clients, handling all aspects of registration of the plant breeder’s rights in order to secure the widest protection available. Starting with a technical analysis and identification of new plant varieties, to drafting and filing the application. We also have close relationship with the Plant Breeders’ Rights Unit within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and in-depth knowledge of the agricultural and plant variety markets.

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